EnergyVaasa - The Nordic Hub for Energy Technology

EnergyVaasa is the leading energy hub in the Nordic countries. Our mission is clear: to create more sustainable technologies for saving the planet! We represent more than 160 businesses in the energy industry.

Have you heard about the theory of six points of contacts? According to the theory, it takes just six people to connect to any person in the world. In our energy hub, we can offer you those six people and many more! The considerable amount of companies within our energy industry provides the opportunity to network and always find the best experts. Sounds tempting, doesn´t it?

Interested in some hard facts? Well, the annual business turnover of the energy hub is some EUR 5 billion. Our export rate is over 80 %, and we cover 30 % of the total export of energy technology in Finland. With just 2% of the country’s population that is quite something!