Case: Energy efficiency

Keep on saving

Vacon_web 640x480Paper making-machines, escalators, air-conditioning, sawmills, elevators, mining operations, pumps, hoisting cranes, waste water management, marine operations… all of the above – and many more – have something in common. Their operations are all driven by electric engines. Vacon focuses on continuous and economic speed control using frequency converter technology, and on renewable energy production control. Frequency converter technology has its roots in Finland. The first commercial frequency converters were installed in the Helsinki subway system as early as the 1970s. The products continued to operate at the same high level of efficiency for many years.

Vacon is a global pioneer in frequency converter applications. The products are tailor-made for thousands of different uses by means of modern programming technology. – By the 1990s investments in new production capacity were no longer sufficient on their own; savings also had to be considered. Profit and environment issues became key considerations. With frequency converters, for instance in an ordinary pump application, electricity savings of up to 30–40% are possible, while at the same time the process control is improved and the lifetime of the equipment is prolonged. The return-on-investment time for a frequency converter is at most six months, and the lifespan of the system is approximately 15 years.

– In the 21st century, frequency converter applications also became commonplace in energy production. A wind power generator, a solar cell, or a wave or tidal power plant does not produce electricity that is directly suitable for the network. By means of a frequency converter, the electric quality is improved, and the electricity is adapted to the network.

– The advantages of the frequency converter are indisputable, but the penetration level of the technology on the global market is as yet a mere 10%. We are a component manufacturer, whose product is the strongest link in the chain of many system suppliers. Our task is to make our products speak the customers’ language. If it is a process that runs, then we are definitely interested, emphasizes Jukka Kasi.

Jukka Kasi, Vacon Drives Finland,

Vice President, Corporate Development