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The leading energy cluster in the Nordic countries

  • More than 140 businesses, several of which are global market leaders in their field
  • Total business turnover some EUR 4 billion annually, export rate over 80%
  • 30% of Finland’s total export in energy technology
  • Number of employees 11,000

The world’s energy markets are facing inevitable change. The need for energy is growing everywhere, but particularly so in the developing countries. Climate change is a cause for alarm. The goals an concerns are triggering energytechnology investments all over the world. The energy technology market is growing an will be growing for many years to come.

The growing and changing market calls for new or improved products. The EnergyVaasa companies have answered to the new demand and the R&D investments have almost tripled during the last few years. In the same time the number of R&D personnel have doubled to 2000 persons. This shows that the companies and their owners believe that there is a growing market that will give a return of investment. This makes it easier for the rest of to look positively on the future.

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Renewable energy sources and new technologies are important topics of discussion. Markets are being clearly and increasingly regulated, not only by business economics, but also on political grounds.


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