Cyber Security & Digitalization


Wednesday March 22nd

Venue: Ritz, Kirkkopuistikko 22

Today’s society is heavily dependent on reliable production and transmission of energy. Without a constant energy supply the Internet wouldn’t work for long, and without the Internet today’s society wouldn’t work for long. That’s because there are so many online services available today and in many cases it would be hard, if not even impossible, to deliver the service without the Internet connection. On the other hand, modern production and transmission of energy are heavily dependent on the Internet and ICT solutions. Different kinds of interconnected sensors, devices and information systems are used to control and measure modern power networks. If, for example, the data connection between the power station and the control room was disconnected or disturbed it might cause severe problems to the energy transmission. So it is vital to put enough effort on Cyber Security in the energy sector in order to keep today’s society running.

Digitalization is changing our everyday living in many sectors, like we have seen in banking or retail markets. But it is a hot topic in the energy sector too. Smart meters can collect the energy consumption data and smart appliances can be controlled remotely. How could the consumer data collected from smart meters be utilized in providing better services for end customers? What are the latest global trends on digital innovations in the energy sector? New digital innovations can change our everyday living by providing new ways to control our homes and appliances, but they can also help us conserve energy. All this requires proper ways to collect, store and process the data considering both Cyber Security and Privacy aspects.

The keynote speakers will handle Cyber Security and Digitalization topics from different perspectives. Panel discussion in the end-of-morning session will wrap up Cyber Security topics and offer a great opportunity for the audience to discuss these matters together with the keynote speakers.

Cyber Security Session
Opening: Cyber security concerns everyone

Pekka Vepsäläinen, Development Manager, Jykes Oy

Cyber security in the Energy Sector

Mats Warg, Engineering Manager VEO Oy

Research Collaboration with Energy Company: Case CIRP Project

Viivi Nuojua, Project Manager, Jyväskylän Energia Oy & University of Jyväskylä

EU GDPR - new responsibilities and liabilities for organisations

Charlotta Henriksson, Legal Counsel, KPMG Oy Ab

Panel Discussion
Lunch break
Digitalization Session
Opening of the afternoon session
Global views on Digital Innovations in Energy Sector

Ari Tolonen, CEO Northern Europe, Landis+Gyr

Datahub – towards future electricity retail market

Pasi Aho, Managing Director, Fingrid Datahub Oy

Coffee and networking break
10 Things Utilities Could Do With Customer Data

Lauri Anttila, Business Development Manager, Futurice Oy

Digitalization of Power Distribution

Tuomas Vanhanen, Area Sales Manager, ABB Oy

Digitalization: Real world IoT success stories

Mathias Grädler, IoT-Ticket Product Manager, Wapice Oy

Closing remarks
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