Sales Café

Lift your sales pitch to a new level!

Wednesday March 22nd

Venue: Hanken, Kirjastonkatu 16

Sales Café is in town again! Get the latest tips and tools for making your sales grow. Join to meet colleagues, professionals, and to strengthen your network. Get inspired, contribute, and pls. have a “take-away” to your own business!


Dr. Petri Parvinenparvinen

Professor of Strategic Marketing and Management
University of Helsinki, Finland
Professor of Sales Management (part-time)
Aalto University, Finland
Dr. Parvinen works as Full Professor of Strategic Marketing and Management at the University of Helsinki and as part-time Professor of Sales Management at the Aalto University Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Dr. Parvinen has worked with over 200 organizations, reinforcing commercial and business thinking particularly in environments where it has not spawned naturally. Dr. Parvinen continuously works a multi-entrepreneur, salesman and consultant internationally. He has personally founded 14
companies and is keen to share his successes and failures e.g. as a Leader at the Aalto Venture Program and frequent Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. He is a popular worldwide lecturer, a non-executive director and a board member in various corporations. In a book review, Dr. Parvinen has been pegged ”an academic enfant terrible, whose uncontainable power of expression is something new and fresh from the academic community”.

In business, Dr. Parvinen specializes in designing intelligent sales psychologies in digital communication, driving e-sales, des
gning accurate business models and doing corporate reorganizations. His industry foci include substance and production oriented businesses such as biotech and the bioeconomy, professional business services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, retail, social services and the public sector.

In his academic research, Dr. Parvinen has concentrated on explaining growth and profitability at the business unit level. In addition to his current professorships, Dr. Parvinen has worked e.g. as the Managing Director and Associate Dean of the Helsinki University of Technology Executive School of Business. Dr. Parvinen has produced over 50 different academic publications, scholarly articles having appeared in e.g. Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Electronic Commerce and the Academy of Marketing Science Review. Conference highlights include e.g. Best Paper Award in Sales Management at the Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo 2010 and Best Paper Nominee at the Academy of Management Business Policy and Strategy Division in 2005. Parvinen has authored and co-authored seven books, two of which have been Finalists at the Business Book of the Year Award, Myyntips
ykologia (Sales Psychology) topping at no. 1 of all paperbacks at the Academic Bookstore.


One of this year’s Sales Café focus on Customer Analytics. Customer Analytics is the use of customer data for better understanding the composition, the needs and the basis of satisfaction in the customer chain, comprising of the seller, the customer and customers’ customer. If you are acting in B2B sales, struggling with the following challenges: 

1.  Too many miss-matches in the sales function

2.  Sales suffers from too much gut feeling and words, figures are lacking!

3.  A wish to improve the quality of sales training

4.  We have a need to add value calculations and value models to our offers

If so, join us in Sales Café 2017!


Another of this year’s Sales Café focuses is how to use Networking as a Sales Tool. Networking is all about your personal way of
communication on the journey that leads into your next sales case. It’s not another word for selling, rather it is a tool that support you  to find the future opportunities. How to be successful in networking and what to avoid? How to turn your valuable contact into partnerships? These are the main topics we will talk during the round table sessions. Be there!


12:00 Registration begins

13:00-13:10 Welcome to Sales Café

13:15 Dr. Petri Parvinen’s lecture

14:15 First session

15:00 Break and changing of tables

15:15 Second session

16:00 Break

16:10 Panel discussion16:45 Ending of the event


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