Competent subcontractors – A good foundation for the establishment of new enterprises

The Vaasa region’s large, international energy technology businesses are estimated to create at least one job per employee in the region’s many subcontractor companies. Business organizations estimate that there are more than 120 SMEs in Ostrobothnia that operate as energy technology subcontractors. These employ a total of approximately 10,000 employees. The number of employees per business varies from one person trade names, to companies with around 200 employees.

The requirement for outsourcing functions is that the subcontractor has a deeper special competence, and/or for instance, a better machine pool for the outsourced job than the main supplier. Subcontractors are also encouraged to develop their operations and make business contacts with competitors, in order to spread the risks, ensure flexibility, and to develop competences.

Open, mutual communication and trust between the subcontractor and the main supplier are a prerequisite for a healthy partnership. A first-class subcontractor company has the will and the courage to invest in developing its operations, since continuous development is crucial for maintaining competitiveness. The main subcontractors are also important strategic partners to the client, and their value is noticed and acknowledged.

Competent subcontractors also create a good foundation for the establishment of new enterprises, and this further strengthens the position of EnergyVaasa. Thanks to them it is easier to start up a successful energy business in the Vaasa region. In good company we will prosper!